Beacon - Family Festival

On Saturday 22 June, Carlingford Court is hosting a Family Festival with live performances, lantern making workshop and kids entertainment.

Donate $2 to each help raise money for the Beacon Foundation.


Beacon Foundation and Vicinity Centres launch 'Light The Way 2019', a charitable youth initiative.

Driven by our purpose to enrich the communities in which we operate, Vicinity Centres is committed to alleviating issues of youth unemployment and disengagement. We work in partnership with Beacon FOundation to tackle this important issue, and motivate young people for a successful post-secondary school career.

Light The Way is both a fundraising and awareness raising initiative to support Beacon Foundation in their mission to equip students with the skills and confidence required to make the transition from school to work and reduce the rate of youth unemployment.

Vicinity Centres and Beacon Foundation; partnering to to create a better future for today's youth.

Beacon Foundation Fundraiser supported by Vicinity Centres.

Learn more about the great work of Beacon foundation