The Best Boredom Busters For School HoliYAYs!

News| 27th September 2023
The Best Boredom Busters For School HoliYAYs!
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Keeping the kids entertained can be a tricky one, but we've got you covered these school holidays! With all different types of games including board games, backyard and video games. All helping to develop children's minds by increasing motivation to learn, attention-span skills and increasing participation in other aspects of life.

So, get ready to beat the school holiday boredom with all different games for all different ages – including adults! With complex games for some serious brain training, like chess, to easy ones like noughts and crosses, where all you need is a pen and paper.

Why not have fun while you learn?


Board Games

Board Games are especially good for developing brains.

Our Top 10 (in order of complexity): 

1)    Noughts and crosses.

2)    Checkers.

3)    Connect 4.

4)    Scrabble.

5)    Battleship.

6)    Snakes and ladders.

7)    Risk.

8)    Cluedo.

9)    Pictionary.

10) Monopoly.

Backyard Games

With the weather turning warmer, backyard games are perfect for this time of year!

Our Top 10:

1)    Hopscotch.

2)    Skipping.

3)    Bean bag toss.

4)    Ring toss.

5)    Lawn Bowling.

6)    Giant Jenga.

7)    Frisbee.

8)    Kite flying.

9)    Scootering.

10) Sandbox.

Video Games

Okay, okay, we know video games might not be a parent’s favourite, but they do have some benefits. They help speed up response times, encourage teamwork, increase creativity, aid visual memory and promote leadership!  You can find these games at [stores].  

Our Top 10:

1)    Paw Patrol.

2)    Lego Worlds.

3)    Mario Kart.

4)    Minecraft.

5)    Roblox.

6)    Animal Crossing.

7)    Carnival Games.

8)    Just Dance.

9)    Fifa.

10) Crash Bandicoot. 

Visit Carlingford Court for all the games these school holidays.

Happy School HoliYAYS!


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