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News| 20th April 2022
Shop Local
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Howard and Dianne are the owner of Michel’s Patisserie at Carlingford Court – having opened their business 16 years ago! We recently spoke to Howard about their business, and what he loves about the industry, and Carlingford Court.

Name: Howard
Retailer: Michel's Patisserie

When did you first open your business?
16 Years ago

Why did you pick the centre?
My wife and I lived local and use to come to the centre every day, we felt it was really community focused

What do you love about the area?
The customers are very loyal and regular and appreciate the smaller things in life, not so high in population.

What made you fall in love with your industry?
The love of talking to people, the creativeness of making cakes and putting my own stamp on them

Have you seen any changes over the years?
Back in the day, customers were less health conscious as they are now, they would buy a coffee and a piece of cake, but now customers are always asking with the calorie intake is and opting out of the cake and just ordering the coffee.

We have a lot of seniors meet up and continuing to grow before COVID hit and a lot of Mother’s meet up at our café.

Which retailers were at Carlingford Court when you started?

What do you love to do when you’re not at work?
Swimming, tennis, and I love cake decorating.

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