Bring on Back-to-School with Healthy Lunches

News| 11th January 2024
Bring on Back-to-School with Healthy Lunches
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As we head into the first term of school it’s time to start thinking about what to put in your kids’ lunch boxes. Emily from @foodplattermum has shared one of her favourite recipes that the kids are guaranteed to love as well – who knows, they might even become the talk of the playground.

Ham and Cheese Scrolls


·         1 sheet of puff pastry.  

·         3 ½ tablespoons of pizza sauce.

·         ½ cup sliced ham. 

·         ¾ cup of grated cheese.

·         1 egg, beaten. 


1.       Evenly spread the pizza sauce over the puff pastry.

2.       Spread the ham and cheese over.

3.       Roll up the puff pastry.

4.       Seal the edges with your fingertips.

5.       Evenly cut into 10 slices, or pieces 2cm in width.

6.       Place on a baking tray and brush egg over the scrolls.

7.       Pop into the oven for 20mins or until golden brown on 200 degrees.

8.       Allow to cool and enjoy! 

Now your school lunches are ready to go, make sure to add some fresh fruit and veggies too! For all the ingredients and more make sure to visit us at Carlingford Court.


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