A Winter Weather Guide to School Holiday Fun

News| 8th June 2022
A Winter Weather Guide to School Holiday Fun
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Carlingford Court is the perfect location for unexpected discoveries on winter weather days, from places to dine at to activities for the whole family.
To help you plan an awesome day indoors, we’ve curated a list of things to eat, see and do to keep your family entertained over the school holidays.

Feed your adventurous side

 If you’re in the mood for adventure these school holidays, consider trying a new cuisine at Carlingford Court]. Take your tastebuds on a journey as you trial delicious meals at Huangmama Malatang or Lab Kitchen.

Warm up with a hot drink
As the cold weather settles in, you and your family can warm up with a hot beverage from The Coffee Club or Oliver Brown. Whether you’re looking for your next hot chocolate fix or a relaxing cup of tea, a drink from Caffe Cherry Beans will always hit the spot.

Enjoy a sweet meal
Why not mix it up and enjoy a dessert as a main meal these school holidays? It’s a devilishly decadent way to brighten up your day. Check out Jiggle Cheesecake and Sergio’s Cake Shop for some seriously hard-to-resist desserts.

Check out a new retailer
There are always new ways to enjoy Carlingford Court, from the latest cafe menus and clothing drops to fresh produce additions and indulgent beauty services. Explore our newest additions, such as Luxayo, and treat yourself to a different experience.


Try your hand at a new hobby

Put your logic and problem solving skills to the test with a new game like Mario Party from EB Games. For something a bit more practical, pick up a book from our Book Exchange on Level 1 and learn a brand-new hands-on skill. Target has a great selection if you’d rather master the technique before you practice the art.

Enjoy some family fun at the playground

If you need something fun and active to do with the kids, but don’t want to be dampened by the weather – we have the solution. Our playground here at Carlingford Court is the place to be. Watch your kids let off some school holiday steam and burn through some serious energy in centre, while you enjoy a coffee or tea nearby.

When it comes to escaping the winter weather these school holidays, Carlingford Court has everything you’ll need to keep the whole family entertained. Drop by and have some fun next time you can’t enjoy the sun.

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