5 Styling Tips For A Stunning Summer Table

News| 10th January 2024
5 Styling Tips For A Stunning Summer Table
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If you’ve been feeling inspired to get outside and start hosting this summer, you’ve come to the right place. Between the warm weather, extra daylight and holiday periods, there’s no better time to make memories at home with family and friends.

Tori Falzon from @intothesauce has shared these 5 simple styling tips to help you create a table setting guests can feast their eyes on before lunch is even served.

1.         Napkins

An interesting napkin can elevate any table setting, especially when your base is a simple tablecloth or plain table texture. Bold napkins with unusual hems and vibrant colours not only frame each plate setting, but even work as placemats to protect your linen underneath.

2.         Coasters

Coasters not only protect your table, but they provide an opportunity to mix up the materials on your table setting. Coasters made from wood, stone, glass, metal, cork or even woven straw are a great contrast from the fabric tablecloths, napkins or table runners you might be using. Thicker coasters have the added bonus of providing height, which gives your table setting extra depth that makes for gorgeous photos.

3.         Side plates

Goodbye trying to fit lunch on a single plastic plate, hello decorative side plates. Not only are these side plates a practical addition for any gathering, but they can bring new patterns and colours to the table. When choosing your side plates, consider how they’ll compliment your main dishes. Try matching sets for paired-back or formal table settings, while clashing or mismatching sets can add vibrancy and fun.

4.         Vases

Flowers can bring any room to life – but don’t forget to consider the vase too! Mismatched vases allow you to experiment with height, shapes, and colours, while matching vases can provide formality and structure. Miniature vases like these have the added advantage of not taking up too much space, allowing you to fit more food on the table, also giving you the flexibility to place the flowers all across the table unlike a single centrepiece.

5.         Glassware

Unusual glassware has made a comeback recently with bold and bright maximalist trends. Colourful, textured sets like this are one way to add interest, however you can also experiment with unusual shapes, mismatched sets, or even non-glass materials like ceramics or silicone.

Bonus tip

This bonus tip is all about dip platters. Consider having one ready before lunch, as this gives guests something to snack on beforehand, while taking pressure off whoever is preparing lunch. Lastly, when serving store-bought dips, remember to transfer them into a small bowl before serving!

Bring on backyard parties, and happy hosting!

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