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We Are Here For You!

We know times are tough at the moment - our Carlingford Court centre team wanted to provide support to those who may be locked down or have been disrupted by the pandemic. Please find below ways to stay connected with the community in a virtual way.

Resources to Stay in Touch Virtually or by Phone

Listening Ear
Community support service which provides a safe space to talk, when you are feeling lonely

Virtual Neighbour
Community support service for the elderly through a friendly chat

Help a Neighbour Program
Help a Neighbour initiative is to support local residents who need a hand during the current lockdown

COVID-19 Support Line

Wellness Tips

How to take care of your mental health, during these tough times.

  1. Stay connected — keep in touch by phone, social media, or video calls
  2. Keep moving — exercise every day to relieve stress
  3. Stick to a routine — keep regular sleeping, exercising, and eating patterns
  4. Switch off — take a break from the news if it feels overwhelming
  5. Reach out through your support networks
  6. Try this weekly personal mental health check-in

Online Health and Fitness Programs

Active and Healthy

Healthy Eating

Shopping Centre Information

Who is Trading at Carlingford Court
Centre News Update

Get your Favourite Meals Delivered

Carlingford Court Customer Service Team are still here for you, please call 8845 8200 and plan your shopping trip with us

At-Home Activity Page

Looking for some creative & crafty ways to keep the kids entertained at home? Check out our Activity Page here

Carlingford Court Fun Facts

Did you know:

Carlingford Court as known today (originally opened in 1965 as "Carlingford Village")

Carlingford Village as known today (originally opened in the 1970s as "The Orchard" shopping centre)

Orchards were prominent in Carlingford

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