Same same, but better at Soul Origin

10 Dec 2019

Your favourite salads refreshed at Soul Origin
Same same, but better 
If it’s been a while between salads at Soul Origin, now’s the time to lunch with them. They’ve enlisted a chef to give their salads a makeover, so while you might recognise their names as (Beetroot! Bocconcini! Green Lentil! Grilled Chicken & Steamed Veg!), the recipes are completely different.

How they’re actually better.
Each salad has been recreated in a way that respects the seasons and balances both ingredients and texture. Every mouthful has just the right amount of salty, sweet and savoury flavours, and there’s no holding back on the good bits - they’ve experimented with different methods to make sure there’s a little of each ingredient in every bite. These are the salads you know and love, but supercharged. 
Fresher since 2011.
For the better part of a decade Soul Origin have made every single salad you see in their stores from scratch. Seasonal ingredients come directly from suppliers to their stores, and then they turn them into the kind of meals that make you feel good. The only time Soul Origin salads change hands is when they pass them to you over the counter. 
The team at Soul Origin have put so much love into creating new takes on your favourite salads that they’re offering 2-for-1! 
Here’s how to score yourself two supercharged salads for the price of one: 
1. Enter your details here to claim Soul Origin's 2-for-1 salad offer. 
2. Keep an eye on your inbox for an e-voucher. 
3. Flash your e-voucher at your nearest store to claim 2 salads for the price of 1!
Turns out you can win friends with salad. 

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